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Michael Berlemann

Actual Working Papers

Hurricanes, Economic Growth and Transmission Channels. Empirical Evidence for Countries on Differing Levels of Development

Working Paper, Helmut-Schmidt-University Hamburg 


Michael Berlemann & Daniela Wenzel (2016)                                                                         

Do Natural Disasters Stimulate Individual Saving? Evidence from a Natural Experiment in a Highly Developed Country

IZA Discussion Paper No. 9026, IZA Bonn 


Michael Berlemann, Max Steinhardt & Jascha Tutt (2015)                                                                         

Determinants of In-Court Settlements. Empirical Evidence from a German Trial Court

Working Paper Series in Economics No. 155, Helmut-Schmidt-University Hamburg 


Michael Berlemann & Robin Christmann (2014)                                                                           

Institutional Reform and Depositors’ Portfolio Choice - Evidence from Censored Quantile Regressions

CESifo Working Paper No. 4782, Munich


Michael Berlemann & Marc-Andre Luik (2014)                                                                           

Institutions, Experiences and Inflation Aversion. Empirical Evidence from a Natural Experiment

Department of Economics Working Paper No. 143, Helmut-Schmidt-University Hamburg 


Michael Berlemann & Sören Enkelmann (2014)                                                                           

House Price Bubbles in Transition Countries. Empirical Evidence from the Czech Republic

Working Paper, Helmut-Schmidt-University Hamburg


Michael Berlemann, Julia Freese & Sven Knoth (2014)                                                                           

Eyes Wide Shut? The U.S. House Price Bubble Through the Lens of Statistical Process Control

CESifo Working Paper No. 3962, Munich 


Michael Berlemann, Julia Freese & Sven Knoth (2013)                                                                           
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