Michael Berlemann
Michael Berlemann

Articles in refereed journals

Right and yet wrong. A politico-economic perspective on Germany's early Covid-19 policy


Berlemann, M., Haustein, E. (forthcoming), 
Regional Studies

Do floods scare off residents?


Berlemann, M., Methorst, J., Thum, M. (2023), 
Economics Letters
222, 110942.

Is the German Mittelstand more resistant to crises?

Empirical evidence from the Great Recession


Berlemann, M., Jahn, V., Lehmann, R. (2022), 
Small Business Economics
59, 1169–1195.

Does Drought Risk Depress Expected Well-Being?


Berlemann, M., Eurich, M. (2022), 
Applied Economics Letters 29(13), 1229-1233

Natural Hazard Risk and Life Satisfaction
Empirical Evidence for U.S. Hurricanes


Berlemann, M., Eurich, M. (2021), 
Ecological Economics 190, 107194.

Tropical Storms and Temporary Migration
Empirical Evidence for Vietnam


Berlemann, M., Tran, T.X. (2021), 
Population and Development Review 47(4), 1107-1142.

Climate-Related Hazards and Internal Migration

Empirical Evidence for Rural Vietnam


Berlemann, M., Tran, T.X. (2020), 
Economics of Disasters and Climate Change 4, 385–409.

Disposition Time and the Utilization of Prior Judicial Decisions
Evidence from a Civil Law Country


Berlemann, M., Christmann, R. (2020), 
International Review of Law & Economics 62, 105887. 

Dating the Start of the U.S. House Price Bubble

An Application of Statistical Process Control


Berlemann, M., Freese, J., Knoth, S. (2020), 
Empirical Economics 58, 2287–2307.  

The Distance Bias in Natural Disaster Reporting


Berlemann, M., Thomas, T. (2019), 
Applied Economics Letters 26(12), 1026-1032. 

Hurricanes, Economic Growth and Transmission Channels

Empirical Evidence for Countries on Differing Levels of Development


Berlemann, M., Wenzel, D. (2018), 
World Development 115, 231-247. 

Determinants of In-Court Settlements

Empirical Evidence from a German Trial Court


Berlemann, M., Christmann, R. (2018), 
Journal of Institutional Economics 15(1), 143-162. 

Climate Change, Natural Disasters and Migration

A Survey of the Empirical Evidence


Berlemann, M., Steinhardt, M. (2017),
CESifo Economic Studies 63(4), 353-385.

Aggregate Capital Stock Estimations for 122 Countries

An Update


Berlemann, M., Wesselhöft, J.-E. (2017), 
Review of Economics 68(2), 75-92. 

The Joneses‘ Income and Debt Market Participation
Empirical Evidence from Bank Account Data


Berlemann, M., Salland, J. (2016), 
Economics Letters 142, 6-9.  

Does Hurricane Risk Affect Individual Well-Being?
Empirical Evidence on the Indirect Effects of Natural Disasters


Berlemann, M. (2016), 
Ecological Economics 124, 99-113.  

Long-term Growth Effects of Natural Disasters
Empirical Evidence for Droughts


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Economics Bulletin 36(1), 464-476.    

Regional Importance of Mittelstand Firms and Innovation Performance


Berlemann, M., Jahn, V. (2016), 
Regional Studies 50(11), 1819-1833.   

A Time-Varying Indicator of Effective Monetary Policy Conservatism


Berlemann, M., Hielscher, K. (2016), 
Annals of Economics & Finance 17(1), 105-132.  

Do Judges React to the Probability of Appellate Review?
Empirical Evidence from Court Procedures


Berlemann, M., Christmann, R. (2016), 
Applied Economics Letters 23(3), 202-205.    

Which Factors Drive the Decision to Opt Out of Individual Research Rankings?
An Empirical Study of Academic Resistance to Change


Berlemann, M., Haucap, J. (2015), 
Research Policy 44(5), 1108–1115.  

Unraveling the Complexity of US Presidential Approval
A multi-dimensional semiparametric approach


Berlemann, M., Enkelmann, S., Kuhlenkasper, T (2015), 
Journal of Applied Econometrics 30(3), 468–486. 

Monetary Policy and Central Bank Independence under Endogenous Preferences


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Journal of Economic Research 19(2), 125–136.

The Roots of Inflation Aversion in Transition Countries
Empirical Evidence from the Baltic States


Berlemann, M. (2014), 
Economic Systems 38(3), 415–432. 

The Economic Determinants of U.S. Presidential Approval
A Survey


Berlemann, M., Enkelmann, S. (2014), 
European Journal of Political Economy 36, 41–54. 

Estimating Aggregate Capital Stocks Using the Perpetual Inventory Method
A Survey and New Empirical Evidence for 103 Countries


Berlemann, M., Wesselhöft, J.-E. (2014), 

Review of Economics 65(1), 1–34.  

Positive Externalities from Active Car Safety Systems
A New Justification for Car Safety Regulations


Berlemann, M., Matthes, A. (2014), 
Journal of Policy Modeling 36(2), 319–329. 

Demographic Change and Bank Profitability
Empirical Evidence from German Savings Banks


Berlemann, M., Oestmann, M., Thum, M. (2014), 
Applied Economics 46(1), 79–94. 

Relative Innovative Capacity of German Regions
Is East Germany Still Lagging Behind?


Berlemann, M., Jahn, V. (2013), 

CESifo Forum 14 (4), 42–50. 

Monetary Policy and Real Estate Prices
A Disaggregated Analysis for Switzerland


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International Economics & Economic Policy 10(4), 469–490. 

Non-Linear Growth Effects of Taxation
A Semi-Parametric Approach Using Average Marginal Tax Rates


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Effective Monetary Policy Conservatism
A Comparison of 11 OECD Countries


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Scottish Journal of Political Economy 60 (3), 267–290. 

Forecasting Inflation via Electronic Markets
Some Results from Pilot Markets


Berlemann, M., Nelson, F.D. (2013), 
Annals of Economics & Finance 14 (2), 363–390.  

Who Cares About Inflation?
Empirical Evidence from the Czech Republic


Berlemann, M. (2012), 
Czech Economic Review 6 (3), 225–243.  

Total Factor Productivity in German Regions


Berlemann, M., Wesselhöft, J.-E. (2012), 
CESifo Forum 13 (2), 58–65. 

Tournament Incentives and Asset Price Bubbles
Evidence from a Field Experiment


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Economics Letters 115 (2), 232-235. 

Output Sensitivity of Monetary Policy and Macroeconomic Performance


Berlemann, M., Hielscher, K. (2012), 
Applied Economics Letters 19 (15), 1505-1509. 

Fasten Seat Belts
Do Car Safety Systems Cause Externalities?


Berlemann, M., Matthes, A. (2011), 
Economics Bulletin 31 (4), 2915–2921. 

Trade Unionists in Parliament and Macroeconomic Performance
Empirical Evidence from Germany


Berlemann, M., Zimmermann, K.-W. (2011), 
The Economic & Labour Relations Review 22 (3), 101-116. 

ECB Presidency and Inflation Aversion among the Citizens of European Countries
An Empirical Assessment


Berlemann, M. (2011), 
CESifo Forum 12 (2), 88–92. 

The Value of Announcements in Public Goods Experiments
Some Theory and Experimental Evidence


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Journal of Socio-Economics 38 (3), 421–428. 

The Macroeconomics of Lending of Last Resort


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Forecasting the ECB’s main refinancing rate
A field experiment


Berlemann, M. (2009), 
Economics Letters 99 (2), 379–383. 

Kurzfristige Wachstumseffekte von Naturkatastrophen. Eine empirische Analyse der Flutkatastrophe von August 2002 in Sachsen


Berlemann, M., Vogt, G. (2008), 
Zeitschrift für Umweltpolitik und Umweltrecht 31 (2), 209–232.  

Unemployment and Inflation Consequences of Unexpected Election Results


Berlemann, M., Markwardt, G. (2007), 
Journal of Money, Credit & Banking 39 (8), 1919–1945. 

Are Expectations on Inflation and Election Outcomes Connected?
An Empirical Analysis


Berlemann, M., Elzemann, J. (2006), 
Economics Letters 91, 354–359. 

Variable Rational Partisan Cycles and Electoral Uncertainty


Berlemann, M., Markwardt, G. (2006), 
European Journal of Political Economy 22 (4), 874–886. 

Destructive Diversity, Inflationary Convergence and the Inflation Criterion
The Way to EMU Reconsidered


Berlemann, M. (2006), 
Journal of Economic Integration  21 (4), 681–707. 

Time Inconsistency of Monetary Policy
Empirical Evidence from Polls


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Public Choice 125 (1-2), 1–15. 

Liability Rules, Physicians’ Care and Patients’ Compliance


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Review of Economics  55 (3), 290–307. 

Blooming Landscapes in East Germany?


Berlemann, M., Thum, M. (2005), 
CESifo Forum (4), 16–27. 

Lending of First versus Lending of Last Resort
Lessons from the Bulgarian Financial Crisis 19967/1997


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Comparative Economic Studies  46 (2), 245–271. 

Use of experimental markets for predictions


Berlemann, M., Cahlik, T., Hlavacek, M., Gersl, A. (2002), 
Czech Journal of Economics & Finance 11, 625–636.

Wahlbörsen versus traditionelle Meinungsforschung
Die Sachsenwahl 99


Berlemann, M. (2000), 
LIST Forum für Wirtschafts- und Finanzpolitik  1, 51-70.

Moral Hazard im Gesundheitswesen
Ein Beispiel aus der Kieferorthopädie


Berlemann, M., Karmann, A. (1998), 
Zeitschrift für Wirtschafts- und Sozialwissenschaften 118, 573–595.

Zur Effizienz kieferorthopädischer Behandlungen
Eine Ökonomisch-empirische Analyse


Berlemann, M., Karmann, A. (1998), 
Gesundheitsökonomie & Qualitätsmanagement 2, 41-45.